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Bulletin from the cause: Emerald Coastkeeper
May 1, 2010, 1:49 pm
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osted By: Emerald Coastkeeper
To: Members in Emerald Coastkeeper

Oil update

Members and friends,

Today was my most challenging day as your Coastkeeper. I started off this morning at NAS staging area talking with BP folks. Then headed to FDEP to the central command to speak with state, BP and Coast Guard folks, then to the office to respond to an overwhelming amount of citizens who want to do something to help and have yet to be given direction. Here are a few things I have learned today:

1. The BP and Coat Guard plan thus far to keep the oil out of inland waters are diagonal booms directing the water to a catchment area. There is NO WAY this will keep oil out of the pass. I just read of a County plan to construct a V shape boom system to direct all flow to a small area for recovery, this sounds more promising and hopefully will be implemented.

2. BP is finally setting up a volunteer office and is supposedly looking into getting OSHA to help with volunteer certification, no final word on location of office or training.

3. Who knows what the State Department of Environmental Protection is doing, but the plan seems to be wait and see what BP does, I have been terribly disappointed.

4. I have read 3 emails with conflicting information about volunteer training this weekend. One email said at the civic center Saturday from 9 – 3, another said at the civic center Sunday at 1pm and a 3rd said a community center. Needless to say, it sounds like volunteer training is being planned and I will let you know when I hear of definitive plans. I feel certain the training just mentioned is for pre-cleanup efforts and not OSHA safety training for post-cleanup efforts.

5. You can all help before the spill by picking up garbage and debris from shorelines. However, be VERY CAREFUL of nesting shore birds. Should we be blessed with a strong wind from the east and be spared the effects of oil, we do not want to have impacted out threatened and endangered shore bird population. I have confirmed that Santa Rosa CERT will be meeting Saturday and Sunday morning at the Navarre pier parking lot to sign in volunteers for cleanup. I am sure there are others I have yet to confirm.

6. I want to remind you all that no one without proper training should be involved with direct cleanup efforts, this includes helping wildlife. I am brought to tears thinking of what our fellow species will deal with, and I know those of you who live on the water will be drawn to help, but YOU MUST RESIST. This stuff is hazardous material and highly toxic and must be handled properly. PLEASE, do not make a terrible situation worse by exposing yourself.

7. A website has been set up for volunteer information:

8. The Waterkeeper Alliance and Surfrider Foundation rock, simple as that. I am attaching a couple manuals that have been shared with Gulf Keepers. Reading these manuals does NOT mean that you are trained; they are simply for your information and may help those of you at a loss for answers.

9. I am trying the best I can to respond to everyone. I must ask you to be patient with me. Thanks to one of our dedicated Directors, Elizabeth McWilliams, I was able to collect information for more than 400 volunteers today. I will not share this information, but will continue to keep you updated as best I can.

10. Thanks to another of your dedicated Directors, Derek Cosson, you can support our efforts using Paypal through our website: Imagine the difference our organization could make if we had 1 employee to cover administrative duties to free me up to do more monitoring of response efforts…..
Chasidy Fisher Hobbs
Emerald Coastkeeper, Inc.
o: 850-429-8422

We need members to help in our fight for clean water. Please Join NOW:

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“Never underestimate the power a few dedicated citizens have to change the world, indeed that is all that ever has” Margaret Mead


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